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Affordable Photo Background Removal
Service That Convert in Seconds

Starting Only At $0.39/image

Our Photo Background Removal Service Plans

Simple Photo Background Removal Services
Medium Image Background Remover Services
Complex Picture Background Removing Services
Super Complex Photo Background Removal Services
The Easiest
Perfectly Solid (No Holes).
Different Shapes With Multiple Holes.
Intricate Shapes With Numerous Holes.
Extremely Intricate Shapes With Countless Holes.
Electronic Devices Without Any Holes
Group Shoes
Group Watches
Motor Parts
Group Rings
Double Shoes
Group Foods etc.
Group People Photographs
Furniture Group Bracelets
Furry and Hairy Objects
Objects with Nets and Webs
Group Images
Vehicle Wheels, etc.
Intricate Jewelry
Curly and Hairy Objects
Objects With Intricate Nets and Webs
Vehicle Wheels, etc.
Real Estate Photo Background Removal Service
Apparel Image Background Removal Service
Fashion Photo Background Removal Service
Entrepreneur’s Choice Product Picture Background Removal Service
Why do you need this service?
Why do you need this service?
Why do you need this service?
Why do you need this service?
Real estate photos require perfect backgrounds that enhance their credibility.
Apparel images are incomplete without clean backgrounds.
Fashion models look bland with a background that highlights their glamour.
Online businesses often look for quality image background removal services at a cost-competitive rate.
About Our Service
About Our Service
About Our Service
About Our Service
Our expert team makes real estate businesses scale faster with perfectly edited backdrops.
Our apparel image background removal service is perfect for large and small apparel businesses.
We have the best fashion industry image background removal service for every type of fashion business.
Unique Clipping came forward to help the new generation of online entrepreneurs to thrive and grow with our low-cost photo editing services specially designed only for them.
Real Estate Photo Background Remover Services
Apparel Image Background Removing Services
Fashion Photo Background Removal Services
Removing Product Picture Background Services
Landscapes or sky background that matches with the main object of the photo

Color matching

Background border editing

Distraction-free visual experience

Removing and replacing unnecessary objects from the background

A white or one-color background that makes the apparel object more visible and attractive

Color-matched backgrounds

Distraction-free pictures to boost sales

Bringing out the real color of the apparel that will boost the trust of your customers

Invisible mannequin background

Alluring backgrounds that complement the model’s looks and glamour

Stunning gradient backgrounds

Tinted backgrounds

Eliminate unnecessary people from the background

Removing or replacing objects in the background

The most affordable of our plans

Anyone who has a running business on an online platform is eligible for our photo background removing service

One-colored or white backgrounds

Clearing out all distractions

Erasing, substituting or improving objects in the background

$700/100 images
$500/100 images
$400/100 images
$100/100 images

Not sure about what you need?

Every type of business requires our fast-converting image background removing service That’s why we have created a custom image background removal plan specially tailored to your business’s goals and needs.

Personalized Photo Background Removal Service

A solution for all, our custom image background remover plan is a blockbuster among businesses that sell a variety of products.

Businesses that are gaining competitive advantage from our personalized plan:

  • Multi-vendor e-commerce platforms.
  • Retail corporations.
  • Multi-vendor f-commerce platforms.  
  • Service selling businesses. 
  • Jewelry industry. 
  • Cosmetics industry.
  • Electronic device shops. 
  • Pharmaceutical business. 
  • Electronic hardware shops. 
  • Heavy machinery business. 
  • Construction machinery selling business. 
  • Water vessel and aircraft selling businesses. 
  • FMCG companies. 
  • Construction materials selling companies. 

Cost: On Negotiation

Want to glimpse of our work before signing a contract?

Our Basic Types of Photo Background Removal Services (In Details)

Simple Photo Background Removal Services before

Simple Photo Background Removal Services

Simple background removal is our simplest background removal work. Coming at only $0.39/image, this plan graceful removes all the excessive extras from product photos. A solid image without any holes is cut out with this technique primarily.

Specialties of our SIMPLE image background removal services:

  • Perfect for businesses selling clothes, crockeries, shoes, mobiles, and laptops.
  • In short, the product pictures for this plan have to be without holes or difficult curves and edges
  • Removing backgrounds from simple images is the least time-consuming plan in our plan library.

Medium Image Background Remover Services

Medium background removal service provider removing contains a bit more complicated photos than our simple plan. This plan is perfect for simple jewelry like beady bracelets, accessories, and toys. However, the medium-difficulty plan is a bit more expensive than the simple one, given its heightened difficulty level. Hence, it comes at only $1.00/image.

Some important tidbits about our MEDIUM image background removal services:

  • Our medium plan is suitable for businesses that sell pearl or jewelry, watches, accessories, food packages, rings, etc. 
  • Requires extensive use of Photoshop’s pen tool. 
  • Also, the photos in this plan have holes and complicated curved and twists, but they are not in large amounts or very difficult. 
  • Finally, it is important to say that, for overly complex pictures we have a separate plan other than this one.

The Complex Series: Our Complex & Super Complex Photo Background Removal Services

Our complex photo background remover service takes care of complicated product images. Priced at just $2.00/image, this plan covers complex object structures and group photos. As it takes a lot of time and effort, this plan is the most expensive of our basic plans.

Why does Unique Clipping have the best complex image background removal service?

  • Unique Clipping’s complex plan is the best for vehicle owners, mechanical parts, cycles, car parts, pets, hairy objects, curvy jewelry, etc.
  • Requires extremely expert use of Photoshop’s pen tool. 
  • The process is complex, and that’s why it requires time and effort.
  • Expert pen tool team working 24 hours to meet our clients’ needs. 

Super Complex Photo Background Removal Services

Our super complex image background removal services take care of every need of yours. An experienced team of pen tool experts this type of intricate and complicated work. It requires utmost precision and diligence to carve out the perfect version of the product photo and change the backdrop accordingly.

But our experts do it with a snap of their fingers, here’s how:

  • Numerous anchor points to cut out the perfect version of the product.
  • Perfect for businesses selling complex mechanical parts, jewelry, chains, hairy objects, clothing, doilies, etc.
  • The process is the most complex one in our complex series.
  • Thus, the process requires the most time and effort. 
  • Additionally, the super complex photo backdrop remover plan comes at only $5.00/image

Our Industry-Specific Bulk Photo Manipulation Services

Unique Clipping is always eager to help entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. That’s why we have created our specific industry-based, bulk background removal plans for businesses where photo background removing service is an everyday need.

Here are our bulk, industry-specific background remover plans:

Real estate industry needs crisp and clean photos that make people love the property. Moreover, a beautiful landscape in the background grabs the attention of the buyers instantly. That’s why stunning and clear property photographs are extremely important to move the sales funnel of your real estate business. 

Why is our real estate plan better than others? 

  • Stunning bulk real estate image background removing service at just $700/100 images.
  • We make sure the photo grabs the attention of the buyers in the ideal first 20 seconds
  • Our plan sells properties 30% faster with our real estate photos. 
  • Finally, we offer creative background editing service as you prefer, e.g. sky or green landscape.

Apparel-selling businesses need photos with complementing backgrounds that enhance the products’ features. Without the right kind of background, an apparel photo’s credibility decreases significantly compared to those with backgrounds. 

That’s why smart apparel business owners always have a team to edit apparel photos before uploading them. 

Unique Clipping’s apparel photo background removing service is the best-seller among all our plans. Here’s why: 

  • Backgrounds are perfectly edited to make sure apparel photos inspire people to buy your products. 
  • Research says that one-colored backgrounds perform well in the context of apparel photos - more so, light colors such as white, beige, and cream perform the best. 
  • We analyze and make sure that our edited backgrounds perform well and scale your business faster. 
Fashion Photo Background Removal Services after

Fashion Photo Background Removal Services: Tailored to Make Your Fashion Business Scale

Fashion industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. Also, this industry requires image background remover services quite frequently. Moreover, prominent fashion businesses all over the world opt for offshore photo background removal services like Unique Clipping as a cost-friendly option for photo editing services.

Unique Clipping has 10+ years of experience in fashion image background removing. Along with editing backgrounds in fashion images, we make sure that your fashion business has a stunning collection of photos that scales your business faster and convert your leads in a snap of your fingers.

Here’s why our fashion photo background editing plan is superior to other offshore agencies:

  • Bulk fashion photo editing at an impossibly affordable price: only $400/100 images
  • Super fast delivery, super attractive photos. 
  • Complementing background that enhances the model’s looks and beauty. 
  • Showcase your full potential as a fashion entrepreneur with our background removing services. 
  • Pixel perfect outputs. 
  • An expert team that is ready to work at any given time zones. 
  • 10+ years of experience in fashion photography. 

Entrepreneur’s Choice Product Picture Background Removal Service (Bulk Plan)

Most online business owners are forced to operate on a tight budget. For that reason, there are many bright and promising entrepreneurs who don’t get a chance to showcase their full potential to the world.

That’s why Unique Clipping has developed a unique bulk product best background removal service plan especially for online business owners.

Why is our entrepreneur’s image background removal program the best?

  • The super saver bulk plan in our library – only $100/100 images. 
  • Makes your online business scale fast and easy. 
  • For online entrepreneurs, especially the new faces in entrepreneurship. But all online business owners are eligible for this scheme. 
  • Flash delivery as per the contract policy. 
Personalized Photo Background Removal Service after

Personalized Photo Background Removal Service: For Multi-Vendor, Multi-Product Selling Businesses

Multi-vendor or multi-product selling businesses have a variety of different types of products in their inventory. Thus editing the backgrounds of the photos in their inventory requires a separate plan and a large versatile editing team.

Also, there are many rare types of businesses our common industry-specific plans don’t contain. To facilitate every type of business, we have designed a special custom photo background editing plan that the above-mentioned schemes can’t cover.

Our custom background removing plan works best for multi-vendor e-commerce startups. Also, they work perfectly for multi-machinery businesses, serving selling companies, super shops, retail corporations, etc.

Specialties of our personalized image background removal service:

  • Bulk background removing up to your desired amount. 
  • For unusual or multi-product or service selling businesses. 
  • FREE revisions until you are satisfied. 
  • Discounts and offers as per the policy of the signing contract between Unique Clipping and the client. 
  • The time-zone-free, 24 hours customer support. 
  • Perfect outputs are delivered in the shortest time possible. 
  • An expert offshore unit to support you until your project passes our delivery and feedback cycle.

We are here to discuss our plan together!

Our Entire Work Process

Creative Brief
A dedicated unit continuously checks for new messages from clients.
Contract negotiation, trial offer, and educating the client.
Signing the contract with the client to start the work process.
Analyzing the creative brief sent by the client’s side, or offering a plan from Unique Clipping’s end.
Work Process
Quality Control
Send Files
Revision Process
Starting the work according to the contract and the creative brief.
QC team checks the quality after the editing team finishes the work.
The files are sent to the client’s end. The revision process initiates.
Clients send Unique Clipping feedback (if any). The revision and editing cycle begins.

Details of Our Work Process: The Way We Perform Photo Background Removal Services

As a first step, our clients send us a message asking for a proposal describing their business and the type of work they are looking for.

From our end, we have a dedicated team that continually monitors hundreds of messages from leads. Finally, we contact the ones who pass our identity and authenticity checking.

In the second step - initiation - we start the negotiation process of the deal. Also, we advise our clients to take the FREE TRIAL to clear out any confusion about our services.

After a successful initiation process, we head towards signing the contract between Unique Clipping and the client. Also, the contract contains policies, discounts, and other valuable details that define the relationship between Unique Clipping and its clients. 

As a responsible offshore company providing top-quality photo background removal service for our various valuable clients, we treat the contract with utmost importance.

We don’t tolerate any breach of the policies defined in the contract from our end and we accept our clients to treat us in the same way.

In this fourth step, we request our clients to send us a creative brief from their end. To elaborate more, a creative brief includes an idea of what the background should look like - more so, the client can send Unique Clipping the type of pictures they want to show in their product photos. 

If the client doesn’t have any preference, Unique Clipping sends the client a detailed creative brief. After the client checks and approves it, the work process begins. 

An entire team containing managers, senior photo editors, and line-level photo editors work together to deliver the best output. 

The Unique Quality Control System of Our Photo Background Removal Services

The best of our image background removal service is, that we have an amazing QC team that checks each of the outputs meticulously. After the editing team finishes the work, our QC team takes over and checks the outputs one by one.

How does our QC teamwork?

The reactive QC is about finding faults in a finished photo, but proactive QC, often referred to as QA, contains preventive steps to avoid any mistakes. 

Unique Clipping incorporates preventive QC measures in its QC process.

We perform thorough requirements analysis and QC planning to regulate our QC process. Also, the steps to our photo background removal services get easier when we create a thorough QC plan. 

Our sprint retrospective measure makes sure our entire QC system is optimized. Instead of just checking the quality of the photos by reviewing the same mistakes again and again like that in a sprint review process, we take up a more efficient sprint retrospective process.

Our editing team works closely with the QC team to make the editing and QC process work seamlessly. Also, our image background removal services teamwork as one unit and delivers the best result to our clients. 

In our QC process, we effectively communicate with our client with the updated result from our end. 

We document every step of our process and report to our client with the most updated news of the project. 

In the final process, we send the updated output to our client’s end. After that, the entire team awaits the client’s review. 

Our Efficient Revision Process: The Cycle of Revision, Editing & Delivery

We offer unlimited FREE revisions in our bulk and custom photo background removal service plan. On our other services, we offer 3 FREE revisions.
How do we maintain the cycle of revision, editing, and delivery process?

  • First, our editing team and QC team thoroughly analyze our client’s feedback. 
  • Secondly, our editing team and QC team work together to make sure our client’s feedback requirements are met. 
  • Finally, we document everything and send the updated outputs to our client’s end.
  • For custom and bulk work plans, the revisions are free and unlimited. But for other processes, only the first 3 revisions are free of cost. After that, we charge according to the contract signed between us and our client.

Free Trial

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Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is the best High-Quality picture Editing and Graphics Design Service supplier organization. We are offering bother free, cost-proficient, and top notch administrations. We have faith in quality and consumer loyalty. You can get a free preliminary to legitimize our administration quality and furthermore you can take other IT Services offer from us.

The Benefits of Getting Photo Manipulation Service

User-friendly photo editing software.
Powerful features.
The powerful pen tool to cut out the best version of the product photo.
AI-enabled photo editing and content filling.
Creativity comes easy with Photoshop CS6 and CC.


We offer up to 10 FREE IMAGES in our free trial plan. Also, we recommend that everyone takes the free trial plan before the paid plans. 

Here are the file upload options we currently have – 

  • Google Drive. 
  • FTP File Transfer. 
  • Dropbox. 
  • OneDrive. 
  • Box File Transfer. 
  • WeTransfer.

We have a variety of payment plans, here they are – 

  • Bank Transfer. 
  • VISA. 
  • PayPal. 
  • Mastercard. 
  • Payoneer. 
  • Skrill.

Have queries about our photo background removal service? We are open to emails to answer your query: info@uniqueclipping.com.