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Steller Photo Manipulation Service to
Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Starting Only At $5/image

Affordable Photo Manipulation Service

Cost Comparison of Our Image Manipulation Services

Simple Photo Manipulation
Medium Photo Manipulation
Complex Photo Manipulation
Super Complex Photo Manipulation
Simple image manipulation techniques to make every dull photo look lively.
Our medium photo manipulation plan covers more complex objects than our simple package.
This package includes different objects with curling curves and twisting edges.
Create extra layers of objects and transform your plain image into a striking piece of art.
Cost: $5/image
Cost: $5/image
Cost: $10/image
Cost: $10/image
Creative Photo Manipulation
Apparel Image Manipulation
Real Estate Picture Manipulation Services
Product Photo Manipulation Service
Crafted For:
Professional Photographers.

What Does It Do?
Specially crafted for photographers, this package also suits anyone who wants to put beautiful and ethereal creative layers in their photographs.
Weaved For:
Apparel Businesses.

What Does It Do?
After the creative touch from our experts, your apparel photos will attract leads and prospects to your business like magnets.
Built for:
Real estate businesses.

What Does It Do?
Our real estate photo manipulation techniques give your leads and prospects an immersive experience that positively influence their buying decisions.
Started For:
Online startups and SBs.

What Does It Do?
Online entrepreneurs often don’t get the chance to affordably edit their product photos. Unique Clipping has brought a bulk product photo manipulation package for budding online startups and small business owners.
Price Estimate:
$2000/100 images
Price Estimate:
$3000/100 images
Price Estimate:
$5000/100 images
Price Estimate:
$500/100 images

Not the type you are looking for?

Our experts will perform their unique magic and take your vision directly from your brain!

Turn the most impossible of your imagination into a stunning reality with our 

custom image manipulation service.

Customized Photo Manipulation Service

Our customized photo manipulation package is the one-stop solution for different types of photos under one umbrella.

Industries that are likely to need our customized plan: 

  • E-commerce startups. 
  • Machinery Businesses. 
  • Consumer Electronics Shops. 
  • Hardware Shops. 
  • Mechanical Parts Stores. 
  • Grocery Shops.
  • Pharmaceuticals Shops.

Cost: On Negotiation

Feeling uncertain about where to go?

Basic Types of Photo Manipulation Services That We Offer

photo manipulation service

Simple Photo Manipulation

Photos are special, photos sink deep into our brains. Thus photos have the power to convey a simple message in a powerful manner. Our unique and simple photo manipulation technique has the power to make the simplest of your photos spectacular to the last pixel.

Specialties of our simple photo manipulation service:

  • Simple techniques, powerful results.
  • Budget-friendly but quality first.
  • For simply shaped products without any complex curves and edges. Example: clothes, cutleries, plates, mobiles, laptops, TVs, etc.

Medium Photo Manipulation

Our specialized mid-level or medium photo manipulation technique takes care of each delicate curve of your photo. Along with that, this technique helps you showcase your products in an easy and expressive way, saving you a lot of time!

Specialties of our medium image manipulation technique:

  • High-end product photo editing.
  • Reduces the cost of hiring and managing a model.
  • Cuts down the expense of clicking multiple photographs.
  • Creates multiple versions of one product digitally.
  • For products with simple curves and edges such as clothing, model photos with simple backgrounds and objects, etc.
Medium photo manipulation serviceMedium photo manipulation service

Complex Photo Manipulation

Our sophisticated complex photo manipulation technique has got everything you can ask for. From handling complex objects to taking care of the aesthetics, Unique Clipping’s top-notch complex image manipulation service can make any object-heavy photo look effortlessly stunning and perfect.

Specialties of complex image manipulation services:

  • Professional photographers need this service the most.
  • Perfect for photos with a lot of small objects.
  • This plan is perfect to take care of camera and lens errors in the photos.
  • Also, complex photo manipulation makes the photo visually appealing and perfect.

Our Super Complex Photo Manipulation Service

Creating Magical Memories in Just $10/image

Super Complex Photo Manipulation

We create magic on the screen with our super complex photo manipulation technique. The mundane camera clicks beautifully transform into their magical versions through our image manipulation process.

Specialties of our super complex image manipulation technique:

  • Creative layers in normal photos.
  • High-end creative image manipulation service.
  • Sharp, crisp photos with creative illustrations.
  • Perfect for fine art photography.

Our Industry-Specific Bulk Photo Manipulation Services

Our image manipulation services are famous all over the world across different industries. Also, our image manipulation services help fine art photographers perfectly manifest the vision they had when clicking the photos from creative photo manipulation services.

Our creative photo manipulation bulk package included high-end creative edits that bring your imagination into reality. Also, we involve you in each of the editing processes and we thoroughly analyze your brief to understand what you want to see in your photos. 

Why do art photographers choose us frequently? 

  • A passionate team of creative photo editors. 
  • Separate QC team. 
  • Using the latest software. 
  • Delivering pixel-perfect outputs.
  • Getting even the most difficult of the creative briefs easily.

Apparel owners all over the world come together at Unique Clipping for its top-notch bulk apparel image manipulation services. From e-commerce clothing stores to fashion photographers, everyone adores our apparel picture manipulation services. 

Why does everyone prioritize Unique Clipping’s services over other mainstream photo editing agencies? 

  • All types of clothing image manipulation services are under one umbrella. 
  • A unique way to things faster while maintaining quality. 
  • A diverse team containing editors and QC specialists.
  • A customer care team that makes you feel attended to.

Real estate advertising requires top-notch real estate photography. But unedited and low-light photos don’t make the USP of that property visible to your prospect. Unique Clipping makes sure your real estate photos look perfect on the screen. 

How are we the best real estate photo editors? 

  • The best 3D real estate modeling in the world. 
  • We highlight and improvise the parts that influence buying decisions. 
  • Also, we fix the camera and lens errors smoothly.

Bulk Product Photo Manipulation Scheme

Online business owners are almost always found squeezed on a skimpy budget. But no matter what their budget is, they deserve a chance of showcasing their product’s or service’s prowess to the world.

To help newcomers in online business, Unique Clipping has designed a unique bulk product photo manipulation scheme for online entrepreneurs.

The features of this plan are – 

  • Super affordable – only $500/100 images. 
  • Bulk photo manipulation scheme. 
  • Saves time. 
  • For online entrepreneurs from of sectors.

Our Customized Photo Manipulation Service

Photo manipulation is the most-used editing technique in all types of businesses. If you have a rare type of business that our previously mentioned schemes can’t cover, then our customized photo manipulation plan is perfect for you.

Why is our custom image manipulation plan special? 

  • Bulk photo manipulation up to the amount you prefer. 
  • The most complicated of the product photos are perfectly covered. 
  • Discounts are available (within the policy of the contract between Unique Clipping and the client). 
  • Unlimited revisions for FREE. 
  • 24 hrs. customer support. 

Let’s discuss your plan together! 

Medium photo manipulation serviceMedium photo manipulation service

Free Trial

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The Way We Put Magic in Your Photos

First, our clients send us a message requesting a proposal on their plan. 

If both parties agree, we create a contract and it gets signed from both ends accordingly.

After that, we analyze the brief sent from our client’s end. 

Our team gets on the image manipulation work as per the scheme in the contract. 

After the team finishes its job, the QC team checks the work thoroughly. 

After finishing everything, we send the files. 

If there is any feedback from our client’s end, we start editing accordingly.

Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is the best photo editing services company & High-Quality picture Editing and Graphics Design Service supplier organization. We are offering bother free, cost-proficient, and top notch administrations. We have faith in quality and consumer loyalty. You can get a free preliminary to legitimize our administration quality and furthermore you can take other IT Services offer from us.

What Do Our Clients Think of Us?

Clients are the heart and soul of our business.

But providing the best to our clients is not something we do because of money. Indeed, our job provides bread and butter to our families, but as passionate individuals working in an ever-changing sector – digital photo editing – we treasure each of the projects because they help us achieve valuable milestones in our career trajectory.

Here are a few words of love our clients have vested us with:

Adobe Photoshop CS6 + CC: The Editing Software We Use

Our experts use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC. The main benefit of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC is that it has a plethora of useful editing features that can’t be found in other software. 

Also, it is one of the best tools for advanced photo manipulation techniques as well as one of the most user-friendly software out there for advanced photo editing.

Benefits of Using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC are one of the most versatile photo editing software out there. The makers of Photoshop have incorporated everything that an ace photo editor may need and developed a powerful series of software solutions that are now being used everywhere. 

AI has made photo editing easier nowadays. For example, the famous content-aware tool is one of the most revolutionary features of the Photoshop series. Photo editors all over the world love this tool as it saves time and makes the time-consuming task of editing easier. 

The feature-packed dashboard of Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC makes every photo editor’s heart fly with excitement. Both the photo editing software solutions Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC, have countless useful features to enhance editing techniques. 

Pen tool is the most popular curving tool in the Photoshop series. Also, it is very useful for photo editors as it saves time and makes it easy to curve out objects from a digital image. 

Photo editors love Photoshop CS6 and CC because they help them bring their ideas to life effortlessly!  

The Difference Between Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation

Though photo editing service and photo manipulation service seem semantically similar, they don’t mean the same thing. It’s important to know about the basic differences in photo editing and photo manipulation service or image manipulation service if you are looking for any of the services. 

The basic differences between photo editing and photo manipulation are as follows: 

Photo Editing
Photo Manipulation
Photo editing service is a simple way of adjusting basic elements of the photo editing software or app to make the overall photo clearer or aesthetically pleasing.
Contrastingly, photo manipulation service is a complicated way to create or change certain objects of the photo to change or improvise the meaning of the initially clicked photo.
Required Knowledge.
Photo editing requires only the basic elements of editing, no or hardly any specialized knowledge is required. Also, in most cases, it can be done the first time someone uses an editing software.
On the other hand, photo manipulation requires advanced knowledge of good editing software.
Software Used
Any simple editing software or application. It can be also done in mobile applications.
Oppositely, specialized and feature-rich photo editing software like Photoshop CS6 or CC.
Who can do the task?
Anyone, with no prior or specialized knowledge of image editing or graphic designing, is needed.
On the flip side, specialized graphic designers or photo editors, or post-production photo editing specialists are needed.
Editing photos in the default editing app on a phone with a few taps.
Sitting in front of a high-end monitor for a couple of hours to edit and manipulate the photo on the computer using Photoshop CS6 or CC or any other software in the Adobe Photoshop series.

The Benefits of Getting Photo Manipulation Service

Photo manipulation services have diverse and multi-faceted benefits. Also, image manipulation techniques have different uses across different industries. For example, the consumer electronics sector doesn’t have the same benefits of image manipulation services as the cosmetics sector. 

Here are a few benefits of photo manipulation services from every seeker of the service should know of –

Manipulating different objects in a photo can’t be done with a few taps of your mobile phone. Rather you need deep knowledge of good photo editing software. But learning it all from scratch is a time-demanding process.

Also, the output won’t be as good as a professional who has already spent a lot of years doing the work hands-on.

So, getting an agency do the job for you is the best option for business owners and professional individuals.

Photo manipulation is the best way to create lasting visual impact. Because photo manipulation can make any photo look visually more appealing. Hence attract leads and prospects more effectively.

Having a good marketing strategy is like having drawn the first full sketch of a portrait. So to have a high-yielding marketing campaign, you have to adopt certain advertising tactics – getting photo manipulation services is one of them. 

To manually create different versions of the same product is time and cost-consuming. For instance, you have to hire a good photographer or model(s) to create the versions individually. So, digitally creating the versions is more feasible than that. 

Image manipulation services give you the chance to digitally create thousands of other versions of the same product.

Our Ethical Standards

Ethical integrity is one of our core values. As the ethical integrity of even the most famous photo editing agencies are being questioned nowadays, Unique Clipping is successfully avoiding being at the center of such allegations by being steadfast in maintaining its core standards. 

Here are the ethical codes we maintain in all our work processes –

Our client’s privacy is our utmost priority. Also, before signing the contract, we make sure that our clients read the privacy policies thoroughly.
Unique Clipping doesn’t undertake any illegal strategies that have the potential to breach the law. But how a client uses an image doesn’t fall under our liability.
Sometimes we have to use client testimonials and output images to scale up our profile. But we do it with our client’s permission. Also, if the client wants to keep their work hidden, they have to sign an NDE contract. But we don’t take any client who is not keen to reveal their identity to us at the least. A client has to prove their identity to Unique Clipping before we sign the contract with the client.
Unique Clipping doesn’t morph photographic identities. But we do enhance the aesthetic score of a photo. However, we don’t conduct any illegal identity morphing that is done for criminal, immoral, or illegal reasons. Moreover, there is no liability that falls on us if a client uses the output from our end illegally.
We research thoroughly before taking up any project. Also, we investigate the client’s background before signing the contract.

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Here are a few FAQs about our service, payment procedure, delivery timings, and photo manipulation techniques.

The ideal price of high-end photo manipulation services falls in the range of $5-$50/image, depending on the policy, the expertise of the agency, and the difficulty level of the manipulation work. 

Unique Clipping’s image manipulation services start as low as $5/image.

Yes, we have a FREE TRIAL option for up to 10 images. More so, we encourage our prospective clients to take the free trial offer before selecting one of our schemes. Furthermore, we have Drag/Drop and Browse Files options to upload files. 

Yes, we offer free revisions because client satisfaction is our top priority. Thus we offer revisions until our client is satisfied. Usually, we offer up to 3 revisions for free. But it depends upon the policy of the contract that we sign with our particular client, as the nature of the policy is different in each contract.

Delivery timing depends on the complexity of the task. Usually, the average turnaround time of delivery in Unique Clipping is 24 hrs. But it depends upon the contract between Unique Clipping and its client. 

Moreover, we never breach the deadline of the contract. So, you can expect your delivery always within the deadline.

The file upload options of Unique Clipping are as follows – 

  • Dropbox. 
  • WeTransfer. 
  • OneDrive. 
  • Box File Transfer. 
  • Google Drive. 
  • FTP File Transfer.

Here are our payment options – 

  • PayPal. 
  • VISA. 
  • Mastercard. 
  • Payoneer. 
  • Bank Transfer. 
  • Skrill.

We provide all types of editing services related to the product. Our other services are_

  • Clipping path service
  • Background removal
  • Shadow & Reflection
  • Image masking
  • Photo retouching 
  • Jewelry retouching

Still, got confusion about our photo manipulation service? Feel free to email your query at: info@uniqueclipping.com.