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Unique Clipping’s
Custom Jewelry Retouching Services
To Shoot Up Your Sales

Starting Only At $0.90/image

Showcasing a piece of jewelry’s actual design and richness is a rough-neck job. Apart from the photography, you need to make sure it shines & sparkles to make the piece stand out. Unique Clipping offers customized jewelry retouching services that you exactly need to make your jewelry more fine-tuned by removing blemishes, fingerprints, and other unnecessary marks from the jewelry.

Our Perks:

Cost Details of Our Jewelry Retouching Service Plans

Jewelry Retouching & Editing Services
Jewelry Photo Retouching Solution
Jewelry Editing & Retouching Services
Super Complex
Jewelry Retouching & Editing Services
Most jewelry images need a slight professional touch to enhance their beauty. They have a similar amount of intricacy that can be fixed easily. You’ll get the following jewelry photo retouching services for images like this:

1. Removing spots & blemishes.
2. Jewelry Polishing
3. Reflection removal
4. Shine enhancement
5. Dirt removal
Some jewelry requires manual clipping techniques to create enchantment in the audience’s eyes. For photos with medium complexity, our jewelry photo retouching solution includes-

1. Light adjustment
2. Color adjustment
3. Additional lighting
4. Focus stacking
5. Applying clipping path or image masking
Jewelry used for costumes or made of precious metals needs additional skill to complete its retouching with perfection. For images with such complexity in materials, our professionals go further into detail to provide you the quality output such as -

1. Diamond/gold photo retouching
2. Silver photo retouching
3. Reshaping & resizing
4. Drop shadow & mirror effect
5. Metal polishing,
Jewelry retouching service is a crucial part of e-commerce sites & for exhibition purposes. Images that have rather critical design and require artistic flick to inaugurate their beauty, you can unquestionably take our in-house quality photo retouching services that include-

1. Jewelry recoloring
2. Jewelry photo enhancement
3. Diamond & gems polishing
4. Repainting shine on metal
5. Adding hallmark stamps if needed
6. Contrast & brightness adjustment

Our Bulk Jewelry Retouching Services

Starting Only At $500/1000 images

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jeweler’s Joy - $700/1000 Images

Jewelry is an expensive possession and a passion of some people who like to collect and store them. Some uphold a jewelry photo exhibition or use it on print media for marketing. Unique Clipping’s jewelry image editing services are designed for the jeweler’s joy!
  • Make obscure images look more appealing.
  • Highlight the critical portion of the image.
  • help you create a competitive edge over your competitors.

Photographer’s Pack - $500/1000 Images

Photographer’s who have expertise in jewelry image photography know well what it takes to make the jewelry look picture perfect. Yet all the images cannot be perfect all the time. Especially when you have a bulk amount of jewelry images to deliver to your client with a sharp deadline. For this, we’ve created low-cost product photo retouching services for photographers!
  • High-end, commercial edits that will amaze your clients.
  • get deliverables done on time.
  • Customize your client’s demands as per the image.
  • Excellent service at a low cost while also saving time.


Our Deluxe Bulk

Jewelry Photo Editing & Retouching Services

Starting From At $800/1000 Images

Goldsmith’s Game - $1000/1000 Images

Emeralds, diamonds, gold, silver, or platinum jewelry vast market worldwide. Businesses related to these have exquisite demand for premium quality jewelry images. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created special jewelry image editing services that meet the market requisitions.
  • Polish the appearance of the jewelry image and restore its visual appeal.
  • Advanced software and cutting-edge tools to deliver the best results.
  • Eligible for digital marketing, print media, e-commerce, online stores (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), and other design needs.

Reseller’s Ride - $800/1000 Images

From medium to large jewelry business enterprises, the demand for quality jewelry images is not a luxury. It is a necessity. They need a constant flow of retouched jewelry images for their customers. People involved in the jewelry reselling business can fully relate to this matter. Unique Clipping’s exponential jewelry photo retouching service is just the solution you need.
  • Get the delicacy nature of your jewelry amplified.
  • Enchant customers by providing an incredible buying experience.
  • Images with glossy features that light up your jewelry’s features.

E-commerce Jewelry Owners’ Choice - $800/1000 Images

While jewelry retouching makes a piece of jewelry look more gleaming, excessive retouching can create the wrong impression about the product. We created a photo jewelry retouching service to work diligently on every dust, stain, or scratch that might distract from the entire visual appeal.

  • Your jewelry will dazzle and shine just like it does in reality,
  • Remove obvious flaws from the jewelry image and make it look as good as new.
  • Picture perfect and ready to upload image deliveries.

Our Approaches to Make Your Jewelry Pictures Shine & Shimmer

Creative Jewelry
Pixel-Perfect Jewelry Image Editing
Producing Realistic
Eliminating Unnecessary
Picture-perfect and visually captivating images are the fundamental assets that inspire the audience’s desire to purchase your jewelry. The creative jewelry photo retouching service from Unique Clipping will bring out all of the beauty in your jewelry photos. Our expertise will showcase the excellence according to your vision, using the most advanced editing procedures.
In macro jewelry photography, we understand that certain areas of jewelry pieces may appear out of focus, and there may be several distracting aspects in the picture that appear unprofessional. Our high-end photo retouching service makes sure that jewelry images are ready to use, whether for promotional or exhibitory purposes.

Shadows and reflections give a piece of jewelry dimension, making it appear more 3D and alive. Try our top-notch photo retouching service to make your creative idea a dazzling reality. One of our photo editing skills is adding shadows or reflections. We'll make sure your jewelry looks stunning and exquisite while remaining realistic even in images.
Even if you have unique photos taken by a good photographer, you may notice some scratches, blemishes, or spots. Our professional jewelry retouching services will assist you in getting rid of this unappealing decor. Expert editing will give your jewelry photos a brand new and shiny appearance with the quality photo retouching service.
Apart from imperfections in the jewelry’s surfaces, dust, and unnecessary distracting reflections can limit your images' advertising effectiveness. You can have faith in our photo retouching services to go over every detail of your photos and polish them by removing reflection from objects effectively so they're ready for print and the web.

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Polishing Photos of Gemstones & Jewelry
Photo Color Editing, Correcting & Recoloring
Creating Extra Glow on Jewelry Images
Due to poor lighting and other variables, the image of jewelry may appear dull and old. Our jewelry photo retouching service will improve the details and radiance of your jewelry. We offer photo jewelry retouching services from precious metals to costume jewelry and diamonds with and without Gemstones. We enhance the pictures to make them sparkle and look gorgeous.
This specific photo jewelry retouching service is the concerning point of a jewelry image. Our expert image photo editing team will edit the colors of your jewelry image and help you add shine and change the color of your jewelry from yellow to golden/white gold. We also correct & recolor the specific parts that were necessary to receive the best outcome.
The photographer must have done the right job to bring the image to life, but it still may not be up to the mark so you can upload it online. As a quality photo retouching service provider, we ensure your jewelry image encounters the extra glow it deserves to be attractive to the viewer's eyes.

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Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is the best High-Quality picture Editing and Graphics Design Service supplier organization. We are offering bother free, cost-proficient, and top notch administrations. We have faith in quality and consumer loyalty. You can get a free preliminary to legitimize our administration quality and furthermore you can take other IT Services offer from us.

Our Clients From Different Industries

Many of our clients are e-commerce owners who need specified jewelry images that match their audience persona. We know an e-commerce owner's reputation depends on the quality of the jewelry image. That’s why we provide them with seamless jewelry photo retouching service. 

Jewelry entrepreneurs usually require fine-tuned jewelry images for printing on leaflets, posters, newspapers, or digital marketing. Our expert team of jewelry photo retouching services takes all your worries away and provides you with incredible images in return. 

Jewelry metal crafters work on the sensitive part of jewelry. They make jewelry designs alive with their crafting expertise. To make sure the design matches the natural product, they collaborate with us so we can signify the jewelry image as relatively natural-looking in a detailed manner. 

Our most frequent clients are the retailers & resellers of the jewelry industry. They often come to us with complex problems regarding the jewelry image in bulk and requests for an emergency delivery. We always ensure that they get the highest priority by providing full-stack jewelry image editing services with quicker delivery. 

Just like metal crafters and jewelry dealers & resellers, jewelry manufacturers look for photo retouching services for the jewelry manufacturing business. Our jewelry manufacturer client’s requisitions contain printable brochures they can offer their partners for business dealing. 

Benefits of Jewelry Retouching Services

At Unique Clipping, we provide professional jewelry photo retouching services that enhance mediocre images to make them look high-end while keeping an eye on your budget. You can get your customized plan according to your requisitions, from simple to super complex photo editing services. The benefits of choosing jewelry image retouching services from Unique Clipping include-

Whether your jewelry image is low-quality or average. Our professional photo retouching services will give each one a high-end appearance.

  • Grab customer’s attention
  • Convert to sales quickly
  • 100% quality assurance

Our high-end photo retouching professionals have accumulated experience in photo editing and retouching for many years. They delicately maintain the jewelry’s luminous and finely crafted surfaces.

  • Finely polished image photo editing
  • Sharpen diamond & other gemstone jewelry
  • Adjustable layer file provided 

You’ll get excellent low-cost product photo retouching service from us. We ensure that our clients receive the best services possible while sticking within their budget.

  • Organized workflow to ensure best delivery
  • Advanced software used
  • Up-to-date technology implemented

We are determined to keep your data secure and prioritize confidentiality. According to our agreement, none of our employees are permitted to take any of your images outside of the workforce.

  • Confidential data security
  • End-to-end encrypted conversation
  • Strong firewall protection

In most cases, we finish our work and deliver the final product within 12 to 48 hours. Larger assignments may take longer than usual because they require more editing procedures.

  • Urgent tasks get prioritized
  • Special holiday season offers
  • Get your deliveries on time

Some Words of Gratitude From Our Clients

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

At Unique clipping, we aim to provide high-quality cut-outs and excellent retouching services quickly and cost-effectively. We prioritize on-time delivery, and we are grateful to clarify that we reach that goal 100% of the time. Our quality photo retouching services are available at a flexible fee. Our prices are determined by the time it takes to deliver your order, not the image complexity. That’s why our clients love us the most!

Unique Clipping has been true to its name since its early beginnings. After years of experience and hard work, we have grown to be one of the most prominent image post-production companies serving highly reputed global clients. 

Over our glorious 10 years of service, we have served 300+ happy clients and completed over 800+ projects.

Unique Clipping is the fastest growing offshore photo post-production company in the world. We have over 10 years of experience in various types of image post-production techniques and we can carry out any type of photo editing projects quickly, efficiently and timely. 

As of 2022, we are the most growth hacking photo editing companies in the world.

We have an expert team that can accelerate the growth of any type of project and deliver the best quality outputs in the exact time limit. Also, we have a diverse recruitment policy that churns out the best talents of the country and make sure that our clients and employees enjoy a harmonious relationship. 

We have 24-hours customer support for our clients. Anytime you want, you can contact our experts and get a detailed report on our offers, discounts and plans. 

The biggest challenges in offshore companies are maintaining the time zone and language barrier. But in our case, it’s not a problem at all! We have an expert team who are fluent in English and can handle any client smoothly and effectively. 


The color tones of your jewelry pieces and gemstones can be changed with jewelry retouching. As a result, this service is great for jewelers who wish to provide a variety of product visualization styles or forms to their customers.

Almost all photo formats are accepted, including JPG, PNG, PSD, GIF, EPS, and RAW files such as NEF, DNG, RW2, TIFF, and CR2. However, we will notify you shortly if we encounter any issues while processing.

For business requirements, jewelry photo retouching is required. The owner requires jewelry photo retouching services of an e-commerce site, an online retailer, photographers, a graphic design agency, a printing company, and an advertising agency. Designers must maintain all sparkling effects throughout the entire production process.

Photo jewelry retouching services are difficult to come by offline, but you can find them online. You can also hire freelancers, most of whom are not professionals but understand the process. Unique Clipping offers a photo retouching service. 

A team of experts performs all tasks such as fingerprint removal, dust removal, and scratch removal to provide you with a pixel-perfect image using our jewelry photoshop software.

Jewelry retouching is editing jewelry images to improve their quality and appeal to the market. Color correction, background removal, and blemish removal are common modifications.

Jewelers frequently use jewelry photo retouching services for commercial purposes.

Looking for the perfect jewelry retouching services provider? Get us on board and you never have to look elsewhere.

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