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We provide professional image masking service at a reasonable price. Our affordable image masking service starts from a basic $0.30. We do fast delivery with our expert editing team.

Unique Clipping is a professional Image Masking service provider company. We help you with image editing services for your business growth. Image Masking is a powerful technique for creating a captivating image to increase sales.

eCommerce businesses are using Image Masking services to increase their customer’s user experience. If you like to survive and grow an online business, then Unique Clipping will be the best fit for you.

We provide a high-quality Image Masking service to boost your profit. Besides, we deliver on time to shorten your content creation time. Online marketing works best when you post or publish content more frequently.

Also, it helps increase your online visibility. When your customers see you online more frequently, they will prefer to buy from you more easily. Thus, you can grow your business by improving your sales.

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Headshot Masking
Layer Masking
Channels Masking
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By discussion
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professional image masking serviceprofessional image masking services
Image Masking

What is Image Masking?

Image masking is hiding some part of an image that you don’t prefer to include. You can edit those hiding parts if you want. The goal of image masking is to make an image lucrative. Fill in the background is also crucial in image masking.

Photoshop image masking is about making an image attractive and impressive. Nowadays, people render online shopping as it is comfortable and time-saving. But people are also concerned about the decision they are making. For that, they choose products that look attractive to them.

Image Masking helps to turn dull images into interesting ones for customer’s attention. Removing background from a detailed image is a part of Image Masking. Removing background without ruining its quality is easy in Image Masking.
Best image masking software is crucial for every eCommerce business. Likewise, professional Image Masking is more critical for brand awareness. Every small business uses this technique to improve image quality.

Hiring a professional Image Masking service provider company is the first step to beating your online competitors. Your competitors use professional Image Masking agencies for their content creation. If you hire an amateur Image Masking service provider for your business, you can fall behind.

Type of Professional image masking service

Headshot Masking

Headshot Masking is about removing background by selecting the subject of an image. It works best for transparent products on a different background.

We provide Headshot Masking service to those clients who need a single product without background. Products like glass, car glass, water, glass bottle, and regular spectacles are the best fit for this service.

Unique Clipping is a professional Image Masking service provider for headshot Masking services. Light can pass through this product as it has only 0%-5% opacity. Headshot Masking is crucial for retaining the transparency of the product. It helps to make the background visible without destroying quality. The price range of this service is around $0.30 for each image. We give discount on bulk work.

Services suitable for _

  • Water Reflection
  • Glass product
  • Spectacles
Headshot masking 2
Layer Masking 2Layer Masking 1

Layer masking

Layer Masking is crucial in photo editing services. In this technique, the editor hides some parts of the layer with the mask. It is a helpful technique for product photos. It helps to hide or show any layer according to your preference. It allows for making a variety of images. It helps to create college photos without ruining their quality.

Using the eraser tool can spoil the pixel, which is hard to get back. Maybe you can lose the pixel of the photo forever. But if you use a layer mask, you can hide whatever you want without destroying the pixel. Also, you can get back the changes whenever you want. By changing opacity, you can reduce the adjustment effect. Layer Masking helps to attract customers with professional look images. The beginning price is only $1.35 for this service.

Unique Clipping is a professional Image Masking service provider company for advance layer masking services.

Channel masking

Alpha channel masking is complex image masking. It helps to improve brightness, contrast, exposure, and color correction. Also, it helps to separate a product from the background. It is pixel-based Masking. As it is an 8-bit channel, it has 256 levels of grey color. Color plays a vital role in increasing visibility in Alpha channel Image Masking.

For example, white color works for visibility, and black is for invisibility. Also, the visibility of the image depends on the quantity of grey color. The price starts from $1.88 for this service. Avail the best professional Image masking service provider for Alpha channel Masking service.

Price range_

  • Basic $2.50
  • Standard $2.80
  • Premium $ 3.30
Channels Masking 2Channels Masking 1
Refine Masking 2Refine Masking 1

Refine Masking

Refine Image Masking is a background removing technique without destroying the clarity. The editor terminates the translucent part of the image to remove the background. Also, the editor saves the complex shadow selection with the image. You can use this shadow later.

Unique Clipping provides a high-quality Refine Image Masking service. Our expert team can work smoothly with fine edges. We have long experience providing this service professionally. Get professional service at $3.50 for this service.
Get professional Image Masking Service from Unique Clipping.

Services are for_

  • Creative designs
  • Catalog companies
  • Printing companies etc.

College Masking

College Masking is removing background from a group photo. eCommerce businesses use this technique for commercial purposes like catalogs, online portals, leaflets, and brochures. It is complicated because of its holes and small spaces.

Unique Clipping is a professional College masking service provider. We have been providing College Masking services to eCommerce businesses for a long-time. Our expert team offers professional College Masking service with edge editing.

Services are for_

  • Catalogs
  • Leaflets
  • Group photos
  • Online Portraits

Why do you need to mask an image?

Attracting your costumes to your product is the most significant reason you need Image Masking Service. You level up your image quality when you edit your image with Image Masking. And it can cause of increasing your sales up to 50%.

Increasing sales and growing business faster is the ultimate goal of any business. Professional Image Masking Service allows you to scale your business by investing a tiny amount in hair masking service.Are you wondering how Image Masking can increase your sales and grow your business? Here is how hair masking online can boost your online sale.

Image Masking helps to highlight the product in a photo. While browning the net, the audience will see your image. The highlighted product will attract them and influence them to make a purchase. Thus, highlighting products helps increase your sale.

As a professional Image Masking service provider, we know the importance of sales in your business. So, we provide high-quality Image masking service to grow your business.

Professional photo creates brand awareness among your audience. Image Masking helps create a professional look to your image, impacting your business identity. Business identity is crucial as it increases brand awareness among audiences.

By increasing brand awareness you can boost your sales and scale your business. Image Masking has the power to create attractiveness in an image. Thus, Image Masking benefits your business building identity.

We assure professional Image Masking service to create a powerful brand image for your audience. Try our Free Trial!

If you use a product image with an unwanted object, your audience will ignore your image. Research says people took only 30 seconds to scan the image. And if your idea has unwanted things, the audience will become confused.

Image Masking helps remove unwanted objects from the image without hampering image quality. It will help the audience see your product without destruction and look into your photo with full attention.

Suppose you edit your product image inside your company. Then you have to work on identifying if the image is qualities enough to attract an audience or not. But when you hire a service provider company to edit your image, it will reduce your work pressure.

Giving attention to quality is our job. You can do some other important work while we are working on your images. It will help you utilize your time on this work that needs your presence the most.

Attractive images help to attract your potential customers as first impression matters. Image Masking is all about making a dull image lively, eye-catchy and lucrative. It increases the possibility that your audience will get attached to your product at a glance.

Unique Clipping is a professional editing service provider that works for making images attractive that helps clients to sell more.

A high-quality image plays a vital role in boosting your sales. Your product image with high-quality Image Masking will look impressive. And it will create interest among customers for buying again and again.

Unique Clipping path assists eCommerce businesses to create high-quality content for attracting the audience. Our high-quality images are compatible with big commercial industries. We can assure you of professional service that will stand out from the crowd.

When do you need an agency for professional image masking service?

Suppose you are thinking of boosting your sale and growing your business. In that case, it is the perfect time to hire a Professional Image Masking service provider company. Suppose you are someone trying to reduce your work pressure without losing content quality. In that case, it is the best time to hire an Image Masking service provider company for your assistance.

Hiring a professional Image Masking service provider company can_

  • Improve your content quality
  • Reduce your work pressure
  • Scale your business

Our Working Process

This 3 step process is for the Free Trial only. When we work together on a long-term project then, we will follow those steps for better workflow_


Getting your images

Our first step of the working process is getting the images you want to edit.


Knowing your requirements

The next step of our working process is knowing all the requirements you want from us.


Informing our team

After getting images and knowing the requirements, we inform our team members about your project.


Distributing work

We distribute the whole work among project managers, editing experts, and editing specialists.


Handling your project

Our team will handle your project with extra care.


Supervising under specialists

While editing, our senior editing specialists supervise all the work actively.


Flexible for changes

We will show you our work despite good observation if you need any changes.


Three times revisions

After all the changes, we do three times revisions for a high-quality result.


On-time delivery

We complete all processes on time to meet the deadline.


Continuous revision

This is the step where we work for your satisfaction.



Finally, we hand over the project that benefits you in this step.

Special note:

The “three times revision” process we follow doesn’t mean our work is not good enough to satisfy you. It simply means we don’t take any chances to complain about our service. Besides professional work, the revision process is just for assurance. As we claim to be the best Professional Image masking service provider company, we always try our best to improve our service.

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Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is a professional Image Masking service provider as we care about our customers. We assure the best quality with unlimited revisions for our clients. Our professional services help to make our client’s massive business growth.As we know the struggle of growing online business, we provide full support from service to consulting for meeting our clients the best result. Our affordable service will have a positive impact on your business. Choosing Unique Clipping as the best professional Image Masking service provider would be beneficial for your business.

We have in-depth knowledge with long experience in photo editing services. We are a unique image editing service provider company because of our working process with production scalability. We sustain a good relationship with our clients and provide full support for better assistance.We care about your business our charges are cost-effective. Our low-cost service is like a small investment to give you the best result. To make it more affordable, we offer a discount on bulk work which reduces cost compared to minimum work.Hence, if you need a bulk Image Masking service, you don’t need to worry about the total cost. Our low-cost service will eliminate your cost and increase your profit. Also, with our low-cost service, you don’t need to worry about quality as we never compromise our quality.

Do you want to experience how professional Image Masking service we provide?

The benefit of Hiring Unique Clipping

Fancy appearance increases the chance of up to 50% of selling products online. Image Masking plays a vital role in creating impressive images. It helps improve their clarity and make the photos into desired products they want.

Creating brand value and delivering the right brand message is crucial. A far-reaching appearance helps to build brand awareness widely. When your images are attractive, it will automatically show how reputed your brand is.

Increasing our customers with less quality images can be more challenging. At the same time, a small investment in an Image Masking service provider company can give you the ROI. Hiring a professional Image Masking service provider company can benefit you with a unique image that attracts customers.

With the Image masking technique, you can easily erase the image from the background. It is a way to isolate an image from unwanted things that can distract your audience. It helps to extract the image you want to show your audience.

It is the way to represent your product professionally to your potential customers.

This technique helps to create transparency without affecting its visibility. While doing this, you can split the clarity.
Image masking helps to make your images more eye-catchy and enjoyable by customizing the background.
Image background helps highlight the product by removing background color. Also, it helps to put brand color to build brand awareness.
You can reuse your old image and create a new look with your product image. With image masking, you can get back the old picture you edited.


Unique Clipping is a high-quality photo editing and graphics design service provider company. We provide image editing solutions at an affordable price.

You can send your file on Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, FTP, and Wetransfer.
Feel free to send us files like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EPS, or PSD. We accept any file you are comfortable with.
No, we provide images according to your selected size. We will work following your requirements. But if you wish, we can suggest the standard size of images.
Our delivery depends on the complexity and quantity of the images. We can provide 5000 images per day.
No requirements for the order. You can place an order according to your need.
You can send the file in any size. There are no requirements for file size.
You can give an email with detailed instructions.
You can pay via Skrill, Visa, PayPal, Payoneer, MasterCard, or bank transfer.

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