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Photoshop Color Correction service

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Unique Clipping’s Photoshop Color Correction service is best for boosting color and tone for any photo. Our Photoshop Color Correction service fixes the color after clicking a picture. Our skilled Color Correction Service team ensures high-quality editing for your business growth.

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Different industries need different types of Photoshop Color Correction services. We have divided our service package according to various kinds of industries. The Product Photoshop Color Correction service is different from the Model Color Correction service. So, choose a package according to your necessity.

Prices with the types of services we provide

Service Type
1-1000 images
1000-3000 images
3000-6000 images
Color Correction for Model
Color Correction for Product
Color Correction for Apparel
Color Correction for Jewelry
Color Correction for Wedding Photos
Colorizing black & white color photos
Custom Plan
By discussion
By discussion
By discussion

Types of Services in detail

Images of models for apparel need color correction. Dress with different colors needs to be displayed in front of customers. It allows customers to choose the product’s color according to their needs. But if companies don’t display available colors in their store, customers won’t get to know.

If the company mentions colors in the description, customers will fail to visualize the exact color. It will make customers unwilling to persuade. Photoshop Color Correction service is best for a model’s apparel, lipstick, nail paint, shoes, etc.

Also, Color Correction fixes the color of a model’s skin, face, and apparel.

Products with different colors need Color Correction services. Sometimes, cameras can’t capture the product’s actual color because of lighting. Displaying products with accurate colors is crucial for online business. Otherwise, customers will lose trust in this company.

Products like makeup bags, luggage, juice, etc need Photoshop Color Correction service.

Suppose you are selling makeup bags online. The color of the bag looks lighter in the photo because of the lighting. Your customer purchased a baby pink makeup bag. After getting the product on hand, she found the makeup color is dark pink. It will make her disappointed also chances are she will retune your product. Color Correction will save you from this awkward situation.

Apparel photos need Photoshop Color Correction services to enhance the attractiveness of apparel. Color Correction makes apparel products pop up and attract customers. Balancing whiteness, contrast and exposure are crucial in apparel images.

If you want to display all the colors available in your store, you don’t need to click pictures of every color with the model. Color Correction can save you time and money by adding different colors to one view. Also, it fixes the image’s contrast without changing the photo’s actual color.

Jewelry images also need a Photoshop Color Correction service for internet marketing. Color Correction helps create shine, tint, and glaze of jewelry and gives a polished look. We provide a Color Correction service that is best for fixing and changing the color of jewelry.

A wedding is a special moment in people’s life. Capturing photos of this moment makes a beautiful memory. Photoshop Color Correction service gives wedding photos attractive looks. We provide color balancing, vibrancy, and hue saturation services for wedding images. Besides weddings, parties or special events are also included in this service.

Old photos are emotional memory, and we don’t want to lose those memories. Photoshop Color Correction service helps restore old photos and colorize black and white images. Colorizing photos gives them a new and attractive look.

Why is the Color Correction service important?

Sometimes high-quality cameras or expensive studios fail to give the desired image. In this case, the Photoshop Color Correction service works to create high-quality photos with balanced color and contrast. For professional look images, photoshop color correction service is crucial in producing perfect images.

Balancing color between skin, faces and dresses are vital for modeling or fashion photography. Color Correcting balances these areas’ color and gives images a picture-perfect look.

If you are a well-known brand or a company, you have the freedom to change the color of your product or apparel from an image. You don’t need to click pictures of every product with a different color. Well, a color correction service saves your time by changing the color of a similar outcome.

High-quality cameras and costly studios can give you high-quality images. But Photoshop Color Correction produces picture-perfect photos without losing quality. It helps balance color and contrasts to give professional look images.

Hiring a Photoshop Color Correction service provider is easy and cost-effective. When creating brand awareness, investing in a Color Correction service can give you the best return on your investment.

Attractive images help to increase visibility and boost sales. When you can increase your sales, your business will grow automatically. High-quality images help to improve user experience and allow customers to make a purchase.

Sometimes it becomes hard to capture photos without unwanted objects. But eliminating these objects is easy with the Photoshop Color Correction service. Brands or companies of modeling, online store, photography, and printing business use this service the most.

Color Correction also helps restore old images by colorizing black and white photographs. For some photos that may lose their actual color, Color Correction helps correct colors for these kinds of pictures.

After clicking a photo, you notice some dust or spots on the product. Shooting again can be time-consuming. Why shoot again when you have the opportunity to eliminate the dust or spot from the photo? Save time by correcting images with a color correction service.
Attractive images increase visibility and CTR. It boosts SEO ranking and scales up your business. Content with the highest CTR ranks higher on google. Also, it helps increase traffic and conversion rates. Color Correction service will expand your business by ranking your website.
Suppose you are a start-up and can’t invest in an expensive camera or studio. In that case, the Color Correction service can reduce your extra investment cost. Besides additional expenses, hiring a Color Correction service provider can reduce your time and work pressure at the same time.

Color Correction benefits you by

Boost sales

Attractive images

Enhancing quality

Whiteness Balance

Reduces time and cost

Benefits of Color Correction Service

Color Correction makes photos more lucrative and natural. Color Correction is an excellent option for increasing the sharpness or saturation of a photograph. It also helps balance the color, shadow, and lighting after clicking the picture.

It is also beneficial for restoring damaged photos. You can get back the old images that are connected to you emotionally. Color Correction is also helpful for correcting pictures of your wedding or special event.

For a business owner, an attractive product image is crucial for displaying online and attracting customers. To get a distraction-free product image, Color Correction plays a vital role. Also, it helps make products pop up to attract customers.

Color Correction gives a glamorous look to model or fashion photos. Balancing whiteness and fixing the color of the face, skin, and apparel is the advantage of Color Correction. Models with heavy makeup need Photoshop Color Correction service to improve skin texture and give confidence and success.

Photo Color Correction service

Simple Color Corrections

  • Applying different colors
  • Balancing contrast

Images without holes or gaps fit in this service category. Starting price for this service is $0.29/image.

Medium Color Corrections

  • Fixing color on the skin, and face
  • Eliminating unwanted object

Images with holes and curves need this service. The price starts from $0.39/image.for this service.

Photoshop Color Correction service

Complex Color Corrections

  • Cut out fine edges
  • Balancing contrast

Images with multiple holes and curves need this service plan. Starting price for this service is $0.50/image.

Super Complex Color Corrections

  • Multiple editing 
  • Take most time and effort

Images with numerous holes or gaps need this service plan. The price starts from $1.00/image.for this service.

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Benefits of Color Correction Service

Unique Clipping is an online photo editing service provider company for creating high-quality images with photo editing software. Our skilled team has been working to provide high-quality images to our clients for many years.

Our Photoshop Color Correction service helps clients scale up their business by attracting customers’ attention. Also, we provide fast delivery at a reasonable price. Besides, we provide discounts on bulk work. That makes the Color Correction service affordable without worrying about the quality.

Our skilled Color Correction service team understands color combinations better and helped many brand companies achieve their goals. Unique Clipping works to provide professional look photos for increasing sales.

Color Correction benefits you by

Budget-friendly service


Work-pressure reducing



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Our Service Strategies_

Manual editing and blending

Correcting contrast and sharpening

Balancing whiteness

Shadow and reflection editing


Our affordable Color Correction service

Demands are not the same for all types of business. We have created a service plan according to the client’s requirements. You can pick a basic service plan if you need a simple color correction service. Still, if you want to create a brand image by displaying a high-quality picture, you will need a premium service plan.

Basic Color Correction
Advanced Color Correction
Premium Color Correction

How can the Photoshop Color Correction service from Unique Clipping scale up your business?

Color Correction helps attract customers through eye-catchy photos. When a visitor pays attention to your high-quality images, they will purchase from you. Outsourcing Unique Clipping will reduce half of your work pressure. Also, our service will save you lots of time.

Real estate industry needs crisp and clean photos that make people love the property. Moreover, a beautiful landscape in the background grabs the attention of the buyers instantly. That’s why stunning and clear property photographs are extremely important to move the sales funnel of your real estate business. 

Why is our real estate plan better than others? 

  • Stunning bulk real estate image background removing service at just $700/100 images.
  • We make sure the photo grabs the attention of the buyers in the ideal first 20 seconds
  • Our plan sells properties 30% faster with our real estate photos. 
  • Finally, we offer creative background editing service as you prefer, e.g. sky or green landscape.

Apparel-selling businesses need photos with complementing backgrounds that enhance the products’ features. Without the right kind of background, an apparel photo’s credibility decreases significantly compared to those with backgrounds. 

That’s why smart apparel business owners always have a team to edit apparel photos before uploading them. 

Unique Clipping’s apparel photo background removing service is the best-seller among all our plans. Here’s why: 

  • Backgrounds are perfectly edited to make sure apparel photos inspire people to buy your products. 
  • Research says that one-colored backgrounds perform well in the context of apparel photos - more so, light colors such as white, beige, and cream perform the best. 
  • We analyze and make sure that our edited backgrounds perform well and scale your business faster. 

Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is the best High-Quality picture Editing and Graphics Design Service supplier organization. We are offering bother free, cost-proficient, and top notch administrations. We have faith in quality and consumer loyalty. You can get a free preliminary to legitimize our administration quality and furthermore you can take other IT Services offer from us.

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We fix colors with the Adobe Photoshop editing tool. These tools have advanced features to solve all types of photo-related problems. We provide color fixation services that include exposure, brightness, contrast, vibrancy, saturation, etc.

Yes, we can. Brands who want to increase brand identity ask to add watermarks to their photos. If you want watermarks on your photos, provide us with your logo. We will quickly add them to your images.

Jewelry retouching is editing jewelry images to improve their quality and appeal to the market. Color correction, background removal, and blemish removal are common modifications.

Jewelers frequently use jewelry photo retouching services for commercial purposes.

Looking for the perfect jewelry retouching services provider? Get us on board and you never have to look elsewhere.

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