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Affordable Clipping Path Service
within 1-12 hour delivery

Starting Only At $0.90/image

Clipping Path is a powerful tool for creating attracting images and increasing sales. When people buy online, they prioritize the attractiveness of the product. So, high-quality Clipping Path Service works wonders enhancing beauty in the image and creating a polished product view.

Keeping this in mind, we have planned packages for all online businesses. Our pricing rates start from $0.29/image, which is cost-effective for any online business. Besides the reasonable price, you will get high-quality images within a short period. Get Affordable Clipping Path service building brand identity.

Get hassle-free service by hiring Unique Clipping!

Get hassle-free service by hiring Unique Clipping!

Reasonable price

Short time delivery

Clients satisfaction

Our Affordable Clipping Path service package

Types of services
Difficulty Level
1-1000 images
1000-3000 images
3000+ images
Simple clipping Path
The easiest
Medium Clipping Path
Complex Clipping Path
Multiple Clipping Path
Super Complex Clipping Path


Types of Affordable Clipping Path Service

Simple Clipping Path ServiceSimple Clipping Path 2

Simple Clipping Path Service

We provide a simple layer of Affordable Clipping Path Service for products that has a simple line to draw. In this service, we remove background from simple products and also do color correction, balancing whiteness if needed. 

Images without holes or gaps need this service. Removing background or balancing whiteness from bulk images can be stressful. And we understand it. For this reason, our Simple-Layer Clipping Path service starts from 0.29$, which is reasonable for any online business. 

This service is for_

  • Cloths
  • Simple line product
  • All kinds of shaped products without holes

It is the easiest and less time-consuming service in our service plan.

Medium Clipping Path Service

Medium Clipping path service is for images with several edges and shapes. This service provides extra care compared to a simple clipping path. Products with more gaps or lines like chairs, shoes, and bracelets need this service. Our medium clipping path service is for products that have gaps or holes. This service is time- consuming than the simple one. The charge for this service is 0.80$. 

This service plan is suitable for businesses that sell_ 

  • Chair
  • Shoe
  • bracelets
Medium Clipping Path 1Medium Clipping Path 2
Complex Clipping Path_Complex Clipping Path 2

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex Clipping Path service is for images with complex lines and curves. Images like chains, trees, and necklaces need this service to remove the background. This service takes more time and effort compared to the medium one. An expert hand is crucial for this service. It needs some extra care while drawing the path for this service. Also, it took more time to get the perfect edge. 

This service plan is for images that have many gaps or holes. 

  • Necklace 
  • Tree 
  • Chain

Multiple Clipping Path Service

The Multiple Clipping Path editors mainly use a pen tool for multi-paths in one object or image. It is more time-consuming compared to a complex clipping path. It is suitable for changing the picture’s shade and giving a new look. 

After shooting, you can change the dress color of the group photo or model with the help of multi Clipping Path service. This service includes changing _

  • Color
  • Filling
  • Obscurity
  • Background
  • Shading level
Super-Complex Clipping Path 1Super Complex Clipping Path 2

Super Complex Clipping Path Service

Super Complex Clipping Path service is for images that have more curves, zigzags, or cross lines. The rich amount of time is crucial for this type of image. An expert editor can handle this editing better. This service needs much effort and patience for this type of editing.

We provide Affordable Clipping Path service for images with extreme curves or gaps like tires of bicycles and different shapes of items and objects like that. 

  • Bicycle
  • Group photos
  • Set of jewelry
  • Food items

Prices with the types of services we provide

Service Type
Removing Background
Retouching and Color Correction
Invisible Manniquein

There are different types of tools available in Photoshop for removing the background. But when it comes to background removal from a complex image, the pen tool works best. It is a hand-drawn editing process using a pen tool.

Clipping Path helps separate images from the background by editing small holes or complex curves. Editing small holes or gaps using the pen tool is much easier than any other technique in photoshop.

The Clipping Path is also best for color correcting and balancing color in images. Though expensive cameras or photo studios, images need photo retouching to increase the quality of images.

Color correction is crucial for balancing the colors of apparel, skin, and background of images to give them an attractive look. It helps adjust color to make products more lucrative. Clipping Path service is a time-saving technique for correcting the color of images.

The Affordable Clipping Path Service is the first step for photo manipulation. It helps create high-end photos that give editing sharp, crisp, creative illustrations. Images of products or models need high-quality editing for separating and replacing objects.

It also helps balance color for photo manipulation. By the way, we also provide a photo manipulation service for creative images.

Affordable Clipping Path Service is best for neck joint editing. In this technique, photographers take pictures of the front part and back parts of apparel. Because shooting a full view of apparel is impossible, especially when creating a 3D look using a mannequin.

Editor joins front part and back part using Clipping Path technique. It gives customers a better visual experience. We have a complete package of ghost mannequin services.

Affordable Clipping Path Service is for you if you are an owner of_

  • Online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy
  • Real state agency
  • Ecommerce shop
  • Home service company
  • Logo designer
  • Print advertising agency

We provide discount on bulk order

Product Image
Fashion Photo
Apparel Image
Real Estate Photo
Highlighting product photo from background
Saperating background to match models look
Opposite color of background make apparel photos pop-up
Removing an object from background to add landscape or sky background
Designed for Online Stores
Designed for Models
Designed for Apparel Business
Designed for Real Estate Business

Why do you need an Affordable Clipping Path service ?

Hiring Unique Clipping for Affordable Clipping Path Service will be the best choice for your business. We provide service keeping your brand image on our head. As we know the importance of professional photos for business, we deliver high-end service to enhance brand awareness among your customers.

Attracting customers is difficult with low-quality images. The low-cost Clipping Path service from Unique Clipping will take your pictures to the next level. Clipping path gives images a professional look. We know the roleplay of the clipping path for editing product images.

Our affordable clipping path service Offers

Affordable Clipping Path Service beforeAffordable Clipping Path Service after

Hiring Unique Clipping for Clipping path service is cost-effective. Besides, it is essential to upgrade business online. Attractive images capture customers’ attention and make their purchases online.

Our Affordable Clipping Path service benefits you by

  • Increasing sales
  • Building trust
  • Enhancing brand awareness
  • Beating the competition

Our professional editor can work smoothly without compromising the quality. So we can edit bulk images in a short time. That reduces our editing time and charges. For this, we provide a discount on bulk orders.

Also, we provide a free trial before jumping to professional work.

24-hour support

Fast Delivery

Discount offer

Three Simple Steps

Follow 3 simple steps to discover the best Image masking service provider for your business.

Hit Free Trial

Try before going on long-term project

Submit Images

Give 10 images as trial

Justify and decide

Judge and decide for outsourcing us

Our service package

Image collecting

In this process, we collect images from our clients. Also, we discuss the client's requirements and how we can make these images better.

Distributing work

In this step, we inform our team about the order and the requirements. Then we distribute work among the group. We distribute work according to team member's expertise in their specific field.

Working and supervising

In this step, our team members start working, and senior editors supervise simultaneously. After the senior supervisor confirms the quality, we file your order.


After filing, we send fie to our clients if clients need any changes. We provide three times revisions to meet the client's satisfaction.


After the client gets satisfied with our work, we hand over the work to the client.

These are the whole working process; the steps of the working process change according to the client's requirement and satisfaction.

Want to make your image in a standard look? Just click here to explore your desire.

Why Choose Unique Clipping ?

Unique Clipping is a photo editing service provider for online business. We provide professional service from skilled team members. We give every type of service related to image editing.

Our service has been working for client’s business growth. Our skilled editor can deliver high-quality images in a short period. Also, we provide revisions for the client’s satisfaction. We have been working with brands like Amazon, eBay, and more.

We are experienced in satisfying clients by providing attractive images for growing client’s businesses.

Photoshop is the tool professional editor use the most. Editing with photoshop is more manageable; it saves a lot of time. Clipping Path gives a product a different look that helps increase sales. Our expert team uses the updated version of photoshop to get work done quickly.

This software has many useful features compared to other editing software. It is a user-friendly software for the professional Clipping Path technique. It makes editing easy for any editor. But, again, the experienced hand is crucial for building brand value through professional images.

Our specialty_

  • High-end cut work
  • Hand drew work
  • Sharp edge editing for complex object
  • Clipping mask and layer mask
  • Consultation for enhancing attractiveness in photos

Hiring Unique Clipping will reduce your time editing. When an amateur editor tries to edit in a short time, the result won’t be professional. Still, when a professional editor edits in a short time, they can edit without losing the quality.

For online selling, the more content you share, the more customers will be engaged with your company. So, fast uploading is crucial for better engagement of customers. Thus, editing in less time is essential for your business. 

But you can not compromise the quality during fast editing. Here is the roleplay of the unique Clipping that comes to satisfy clients. We ensure fast editing with high-quality images at a reasonable price.

When you hire Unique Clipping for editing your images, you don’t have to worry about the quality. You don’t have to check all photos like a supervisor because we have a supervisor on our team to check the editor’s work. 

Our supervisor judge all works on behalf of you and only deliver your orders when they are satisfied with the quality. It will reduce the work pressure on you and let you focus on other important work in your company.

Choosing Unique Clipping for Affordable Clipping Path service will_

Save your time

Save your money

Save your energy

We ensure short-time delivery. It will make you upload content more frequently.

We provide discounts on bulk orders. Charges reduce with the number of images.

Our team handles work with three-time revision. You don’t need to worry about the quality.

Professional editing makes images different from other existing companies. Experienced editors know what is online and how quality images live online.

Our expert editors know the competition and always try to create better than existing work. Hiring Unique Clipping will make you unique and different from the current company through editing. 

Customers will know you as a unique content creator. It will make them trust you. Also, it will increase your brand awareness. When customers know your brand, they won’t even think twice about purchasing from you whenever you upload images or content.

We are always open to helping you grow and expand your business through attractive images. We care about your brand identity and never compromise with the quality of images. 

When you browse our site, you will see the previous work we have done with so much care. We are available 24/7 to support our clients. We are eager to communicate and know client’s needs.

Simple Clipping Path ServiceSimple Clipping Path 2


We provide 10 images as a free trial. We suggest a free trial before taking paid plan. 

We offer 3 revisions for free. But offers vary on the policy of the contract.

It depends on the number and complexity of the image. However, we can deliver within 3 hours. Also, we provide urgent delivery according to your need.

We assure you, we will never do that. We have done so many works with brands. But we never use client’s images for commercial purposes. We ensure a 100% guarantee of your privacy.

You can send them via FTP. We don’t have any issue with the file format. We are flexible in using any file format.

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If you are willing to learn more about the affordable Clipping Path service or about us, you can contact our designer and learn more about our services. When you are assured about our service, feel free to place an order for a creative Clipping Path service. 

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